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Winter Olympics Games For Kids

Winter Olympics Games For Kids

Tonight is the official start to the Olympics and I seriously cannot be more excited. I even have an alarm set for tonight to watch the opening ceremony. I remember always watching the Olympics with my grandma when I was little and I can’t wait to make those same memories with my kids. That being said, I also remember sitting on the couch for darn near a couple week straight to watch all the games and I’m determined to get my kiddo (the only one that walks) up and moving some. So I’ve got you 10 games (and exercises) to get your kiddo up and moving while still having fun watching the Olympics.

Winter Olympics Games For Kids

Balloon Curling

There has actually already been some Curling games played in the Olympics this year. Last night we watched Canada vs. Korea and it was significantly more fun than I anticipated. Let’s be honest, curling isn’t exactly a game that get’s my blood pumping. That being said we got James into it and had a lot of fun by playing our own version.

We used a balloon (filled with air) and a swiffer. One person rolled the balloon and the other person used the swiffer to brush back and forth in front of the balloon (like in curling) until the balloon gets across the line.

Keep in mind, the sweeping didn’t actually do anything with the balloon but my toddler was so excited to be doing the same things as the people on TV it didn’t matter at all.

Slippery Socks Speed Skating

Parents, play this game with caution, we don’t want any busted heads.

This works amazingly if you have a couple kiddos old enough to play. However, it’s super fun for mom and dad to join in too.

Have a starting line at one end of the hall way (works best with hard wood or laminate) and race to the other end sliding on your socks. Fuzzy socks work amazingly!

Bobsledding Box

My little one LOVES this one! We have a huge plastic tub that we use to store things in. We empty one out and let him go to town rocking it back and forth like a bobsledder.

Kitchen Biathlon

Biathlon seems to be one of the lesser known Winter Olympics sports. It combines cross country skiing and rifle shooting. Our version combines sock skating and Nerf guns.

In our kitchen we have an island in the middle which makes for a perfect skating track. Do three sock skating rounds then at the end aim your Nerf gun at the middle of a round pizza pan.

Pro Tip: remove all breakable things from behind said pizza pan.


I hope your family has as much fun with these games as we did coming up with them. Be sure to tag me in any pictures you take!

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Winter Olympics Games For Kids


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