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Our Weekly Dinner Plan (Yay it’s almost fall!)

Our Weekly Dinner Plan (Yay it’s almost fall!)

Last week I started doing a blog post called Weekly Workouts and Dinner Plan. This week I’m deciding to split the blog post into two posts because it turned out quite long last time.

Weekly Dinner Plan

Weekly Dinner Plan


Monday’s dinner is going to be Parmesan crusted chicken and roasted veggies. For the chicken I’m planning on crusting two chicken breasts with parmesan cheese and panko bread crumbs (plus seasoning) and cooking them in a pan. For the veggies, I have a butternut squash that I have been needing to cook for a week now so I’m going to roast 1 inch chunks of that in the oven with some other veggies (probably zucchini).


Tuesday is a day for Tacos! We are going to change things up this week and make a healthier version of a crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell. I’ll brown some ground turkey with low sodium taco seasoning. Then I’ll add some of that meat to a whole wheat tortilla along with cheese, lettuce, and tomato. then wrap the tortilla up and put it in a pan to brown until it is holding it’s self together.

In a normal crunchwrap supreme there is cheese sauce, sour cream, and an additional hard taco shell in the wrap. I choose to leave those off our version and instead have salsa and guacamole to add after it is cooked to make it a bit healthier.


On Wednesday it is supposed to rain here so I’m planning some white bean chicken chili to help warm things up. I’m planning on featuring my full recipe for this next week so be sure to come back and look! I like to make it just a little bit spicy and nice and savory.


For a week now I have had this idea to make a quinoa bowl with a fried egg. I’m still deciding on the details of all that I’m going to add to it but in my head it sounds delicious. I think I’m for sure going to include some turkey bacon and green onions and possibly some salsa in it.


Friday is going to be our leftover day. Most likely we will end up having some white bean chicken chili.


Saturday is going to be football day for us. My husband’s family is having us over to watch a couple college games. Usually “tail gait” style food is not exactly healthy. I’m planning on making some guacamole and some baked chicken tenders so there are at least a couple healthier options available. (Check out this healthy guacamole recipe!)


Sunday is our relax at home day. If  I know my husband at all I’m sure we will end up watching some more football. I’m going to make some simple chicken salad sandwiches so I can spend most of my time relaxing with my kiddo and hubby. I usually add a bunch of lettuce and tomato to the sandwich and I always put grapes and walnuts in my chicken salad.

What do you guys plan on making this week?

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