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Upbeat Yoga Playlist Plus Last Week’s Workouts

Upbeat Yoga Playlist Plus Last Week’s Workouts

Hey guys! It’s been a hectic week around here. We have been working on prepping for our little Olivia to get here in a few weeks plus I’ve been working on getting back to my workout routine. Needless to say I am completely exhausted! This week I’ve been trying to step up my yoga workouts to try to work through a bunch of aches and pains I’ve been having thanks to this big old pregnant belly. I wanted to share my upbeat yoga playlist with you guys. I like to go for more upbeat and playful music to get my day started and it really does lift my mood first thing.

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Upbeat Yoga Playlist

Upbeat Yoga Playlist

Last Week’s Workouts


Last Monday felt absolutely amazing outside! I seriously could not have asked for better weather. James and I walked almost 3 miles. Afterwards, I did yoga outside on our carport while he played with his sidewalk chalk. A few times he decided he needed to join me on my yoga mat and it was pretty hilarious.

Yoga with the Littles

Later that evening we ended up going to Home Depot to get a few things to fix the sink at my dad’s house. James was playing in one of the grocery carts that has a race car on it. We ended up just walking around the store for about 45 minutes just because he was having so much fun playing. Needless to say, getting back in the car did not go well.

home depot


Tuesday was another awesome weather day. James and I went on a shorter walk, about 1 mile. When we got home I did a fairly intense strength training workout: 40 squats, 40 walking lunges, 40 second wall sit, 20 tricep kickbacks, 20 modified push-ups. James was keeping up with me on the squats and I ended up using him as a weight for the last 20. After that James was still not quite ready to come inside so we ended up going on another walk that was about 1.5 miles.



Wednesday was a much needed rest day (sort of). I did not do any formal workout but I did help my dad clean out his garage for our garage sale on the weekend. Needless to say, 4 hours in the hot garage felt like a workout.


Thursday was another walk and yoga day. After the 2.5 mile walk with James I did another yoga routine that focused more on trying to stretch out my very sore legs. (James joined me on my mat yet again.)

Yoga With James


Friday I did another strength training routine that morning: 35 sumo squats, 25 tip toe squats with pulse, 30 dumbbell press, 30 shoulder shrugs.

That evening James, Hunter, and I went on another longer walk (about 2.5 miles) and followed it up with tons of bubble blowing while the sun went down.



Saturday ended up being another rest day. That morning we had the yard sale at my dad’s house. Ironically, during the yard sale there was a 20K road race going on that went directly in front of my dad’s house. Needless to say I was incredibly jealous of all the runners and I absolutely cannot wait to get back to my running routine!

What have you guys done to get active this week?

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