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Throw a Healthier Super Bowl Party!

Throw a Healthier Super Bowl Party!

So as I’ve mentioned in several other posts, I grew up in the south. However, my family is pretty far from being “Southern” when it comes to a few things. For example, I HATE sweet tea with a fiery burning passion and I’ve never been hunting in my life. Another thing that most southerners are all about is FOOTBALL! My dad actually hates watching football so I never really watched much growing up. When I met my husband I was blown away by how crazy his family is about football. It is a staple every weekend during the fall. And honestly, I’ve kinda learned to love it too. The number one reason I have learned to love football? THE FOOD!!! Seriously who doesn’t love wings, pizza, cheese dip and beer? I could live off the stuff. Unfortunately, my wardrobe says differently. After having two kids, pigging out every weekend just can’t be my go to anymore. So today I want to tell you how I’m throwing a Healthier Super Bowl Party! (Also, GO PATS!)

Have A Healthier Super Bowl Party!

Ok to start out I want to say, we have to be realistic here. If my brother-in-law shows up and all I have is kale and green juice at this Super Bowl Party he will laugh in my face and turn right on around. So I have to find some compromises.

First: Figure Out What Type Of Super Bowl Party You Are Going To Have

I’ve been to quite a few Super Bowl Parties in my day and they all have a ton of food. Sometimes the host provides all of the food and sometimes its more like a pot luck. So from the very get go you have to decide which option you are going to go with. I personally like to have a pot luck just because it takes a bit of the stress out of things.

It’s a pretty good guess that not everyone at your party is going to be super health conscious. If you have people bring a few dishes you know that everyone will be able to find something they are happy with.

Second: Decide What The Most Important Dishes To Have Are.

At my Super Bowl party there are a few basic foods that have to be present. These are wings, pizza, cheese dip/chips, and alcohol.

Third: Make Those Dishes A Little Healthier


When it comes to wings instead of making the traditional buffalo wings I go with some some spicy grilled wings instead. My favorite seasoning for the wings is the same seasoning I use to make my Taco Lime Grilled Chicken. It’s a little spicy and zesty and I’ll be sure to have some hot sauce on hand for anyone who likes things to have a bigger punch.

Bonus: While you have the grill going throw on some turkey burger sliders for another option.


There are a TON of ways to make pizza healthier. A quick pinterest search will leave you with more options than I can even list. My two go-tos are to make a homemade whole wheat pizza crust or a cauliflower crust. I personally love the cauliflower crust but I think my brother in law would laugh in my face if I served that to him so I typically go with the whole wheat crust for my super bowl party.

Seriously don’t get intimidated by the homemade pizza dough. It’s not hard, just be sure you read the directions slowly and I promise you can do it. It also freezes amazingly so you can always make it ahead of time!

Bonus tip: use low fat mozzarella cheese and watch the sugar content of any sauces you get.

At the end of the day it is still pizza so watch your portion sizes but its still significantly more healthy than ordering from pizza hut.

Cheese Dip/ Chips

This one right here is my achillies heel. I absolutely love cheese dip. I could seriously drink the stuff!

That boy has the right idea.

Now, if you are like me the typical cheese dip you make consists of Velveeta cheese and Rotel that you heat up in the microwave and call it good. Unfortunately, despite it’s deliciousness it’s not exactly healthy. (And let’s be honest, sometimes I really don’t care and I eat the dang cheese dip anyway).

There are some options to make your cheese dip healthier. I personally love THIS Skinny Queso Recipe. It has so much flavor that I promise your guests won’t be missing the typical Velveeta and Rotel cheese dip any time soon.

Additionally choose your chips wisely. There are a ton of options. I like to choose some that aren’t as salty because cheese dip tend to have a crazy high sodium content on its own.


Now there really isn’t much you can do to make alcohol healthier honestly. It is what it is. I just recommend watching your portion size and be sure there are some “lite” options there. There are skinny alcohol options for just about any drink you can think of.

At the end of the day just have fun and be safe. As long as you aren’t having a Super Bowl Party every day of the week you will survive.

Healthier Super Bowl Party



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