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Olivia Marie Is Here! (Pregnancy and birth story)

Olivia Marie Is Here! (Pregnancy and birth story)

Exciting news guys! Our little Olivia made her debut last Tuesday. We are so incredibly ecstatic and completely exhausted. She was born on Tuesday at 7:52 AM. She was 7 pounds, 13 ounces and 20 inches long. After months of worrying we could not be happier or more relieved. Today I wanted to share a little summary of everything that happened throughout my pregnancy and her birth.

Olivia Marie Is Here

Olivia’s Birth Story

First Trimester

This pregnancy has been a roller coaster of craziness from the very beginning. When I was about 8 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This is a condition where you have severe vomiting to the point that you start losing a significant amount of weight and typically need IV fluids. I ended up losing around 30 lbs. in the first and part of the second trimester. Thankfully by around week 17 I started to be able to keep food down much better and was able to have a bit of normalcy for a few weeks.

Second Trimester

The second trimester of this pregnancy was without a doubt the scariest one for my husband and I. We have had several miscarriages in the past and when I started bleeding at 20 weeks we honestly feared the worst. I was put on bed rest for several weeks and shots to keep my hormone levels where they should be. Thankfully everything stabilized around 30 weeks but I still wasn’t allowed to work out or do any strenuous tasks.

Third Trimester

My third trimester was actually the easiest one surprisingly. I had all the normal aches and pains but nothing horribly scary so I’ll happily take it. The last month was actually one of my most enjoyable times. I was allowed to do some very light exercise which meant I got to play with my son outside a lot more and start going on walks with him every day.

Labor and Delivery

This was my second time having a child so I felt like going into this delivery I had a better idea of what I wanted/what to expect. However; one thing I always kept in the back of my head is that any “plan” that I may have was not set in stone at all and subject to change at any time. I went into this wanting a natural labor and birth (which to me meant no epidural).

Ultimately my doctor decided to induce me last Monday and when we made that decision I knew that going without an epidural might end up being a bit harder but I still hoped for the best.

We arrived at the hospital at 4 AM (Something my husband was very unenthusiastic about). Pitocin was started and a few hours later my doctor broke my water. After about 8 hours on Pitocin I was having regular strong contractions but, I still had not dilated any. If you have never had a child before the best way I can describe to you the pain of a Pitocin contraction is if you think of a vice that is repeatedly trying to pry apart your hip bones and then set them on fire I’m pretty sure it would feel about equivalent.

Olivia’s heart rate was starting to drop with every contraction so we made to decision to get an epidural. We were hoping that if I was able to relax she would be able to be less stressed. This thankfully worked for a while.

I labored like this until around 11 PM and dilated to around 5 cm but was not progressing any more. We decided to stop the Pitocin until morning and see if I just had too much in my system. Overnight we began to worry that I was going to end up having a C-section because Olivia’s heart rate was low and did not have much variability at all.

By about 6 AM I had dilated to 7 so my doctor made the decision to start the Pitocin again very low and see if we could get anywhere in the next hour or so before we had to go with a cesarean. Thankfully that was all it took and a little over an hour later she made her debut.

My delivery ended up going much differently than pictured it, both Olivia and I are doing great. I’ve been able to have tons of sweet baby cuddles the last few days. We are still working on breast feeding and I honestly think I’m going to have to end up exclusively pumping for her. Other than that I could not picture a more perfect week.

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