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Milk Drunk Mama Mocha Protein Powder

Milk Drunk Mama Mocha Protein Powder

A few weeks ago I posted my tips for Maintaining Your Breast Milk Supply While Working Out. In that post I talked about how much I love Milk Drunk Protein Powder. At the time I had only tried the chocolate and vanilla flavors (which are AMAZING) but today I want to talk about their new flavor, Mama Mocha. I’m in love guys. Seriously this is the tastiest protein powder I’ve ever tried. Not just breastfeeding protein, I mean any protein (and I’ve tried A LOT over the years).

Milk Drunk Mama Mocha Protein Powder

Mama Mocha Protein Powder

The Details

Ok, let’s start with the basics. This protein has 17 G vegan (pea based) protein, 4 G of fiber, and only 170 calories. The chocolate and vanilla flavors both contain fenungreek but this one does not. To help boost your breast milk supply this protein powder contains oat flour, brewer’s yeast, and flax seeds.

I cannot say enough, how thankful I am that this protein is not dairy based. My daughter is severely allergic to all forms of dairy. Even me just having dairy in baked goods was making her stomach bleed. Pea protein is dairy free and soy free so all of the bases are covered while still giving you the protein you need.

Milk Boosting Power

As I already mentioned above Mama Mocha Protein Powder contains oat flour, brewer’s yeast, and flax seeds. These ingredients are breast milk boosting work horses. With my son I had severe issues with maintaining my supply, especially when I returned to work and started working out. I drank every tea I could find and took fenungreek pills until I started smelling like maple syrup and still just barely kept up with his needs. This time around I’m having to exclusively pump or my daughter and the struggle is even more intense. I can honestly say I don’t think I would be able to workout and still pump at this point if I wasn’t using this protein powder. It has all the good stuff in it to boost your supply plus it helps keep my protein intake at a high enough level that my milk doesn’t take a hit when I workout.

The Taste!

I’ve tried several pea based proteins before and they were all pretty not great. Now keep in mind that even most whey protein powders I find fairly gross most of the time. When I tried this Mama Mocha flavor my husband laughed at me because my face lit up. This chocolatey coffee-y goodness is seriously the I’ve been using this as my breakfast every morning and I actually look forward to it. I’m about to run out of this flavor and I’m defiantly going to be buying more.

Milk Drunk

My Favorite Recipe

On the back of every flavor of protein powder Rawr Naturals offers, they include several recipes for smoothies you can make. My go to before this flavor was a chocolate covered strawberry flavored smoothie (made with the Chocolate Milk Drunk Protein). My new go to is this Mama Mocha Protein. The recipe on the back suggest blending it with a banana, coffee, and almond milk. I personally am not a huge fan of smoothies that have bananas and coffee together. It’s just not my thing. Instead I mixed the powder with just coffee (cold), and almond milk and I’m telling you right now it rivals drinks I’ve spent $6 on at Starbucks. (See the recipe below).

Rawr Naturals Products

Rawr Naturals offers several products. See the full store here. They include protein powders (vanilla, chocolate, mocha) and protein bars. I actually have not tried the protein bars yet, but I plan on grabbing some when I order my next bag of the protein powder. I love the thought of having something I can just grab and take with me and know its helping boost my milk supply at the same time.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or Rawr Naturals directly. This company is ran by a mom just like us and has been one of the sweetest most down to Earth people I have ever worked with.

Milk Drunk Protein Powder

Milk Drunk Mama Mocha Protein Powder Breakfast Booster


  • 1 scoop milk drunk mama mocha protein powder
  • 1 1/2 cup decaf coffee
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup ice cubes


  1. I actually mix this in a blender bottle but any larger cup would work just fine.
  2. Mix coffee and protein powder first.
  3. Add ice cubes and mix.
  4. Top with Almond Milk and serve cold.

*I did receive samples of this product for free. I do honestly use this product daily and truly do love it. All thoughts and opinions stated are honest and mine alone.

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