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Fall Bucket List plus Summer Bucket List Update!

Fall Bucket List plus Summer Bucket List Update!

It’s the first full week of Autumn and October guys! I’m so excited (even though the weather here is far from fall like). Earlier this year I posted my family’s summer bucket list and it was so much fun for us to work on checking things off our list. I decided to go ahead and make a Fall Bucket List too and I’m pretty darn pumped about it! Be sure to keep me updated while you guys are checking things off your list as well!

Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List


I seriously cannot explain to you guys how much I love Autumn. It’s without a doubt my favorite season, even without the pumpkin spice. Call me “basic” if you will but I’m all about it.

I have so many memories from when I was a kid of going to pumpkin patches and raking leaves to jump into. I can’t wait to help my son (and soon my daughter) to make some of those awesome memories. Last year we started a tradition of taking pictures of my son in his wagon at a pumpkin patch each year so we will for sure be making a trip to one this year as well.

Pumpkin Patch 2016

We are only a few days into the fall season and we have already checked off a few of the things on this list so I’m enthusiastic that we will make a good dent in the list.

Summertime Bucket List Update

Like I mentioned before I made a summertime bucket list several months ago and we have been working through all the activities. It’s been so much fun!

Summertime Bucket list Update


We officially checked off about 15 of the things on our summertime bucket list. By far my sons favorites were swimming, hiking and playing with side walk chalk.

I’m so glad that we made all of these awesome memories and I cannot wait to continue this tradition with our kiddos. Show me what you guys did this summer in the comments below!! What was your child’s favorite activity?

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