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5 Tips For Killing Boredom On Long Runs

5 Tips For Killing Boredom On Long Runs

Before I got pregnant with this baby I was in the middle of training for my first ultra marathon. As much as I absolutely love running that did not stop me from becoming seriously bored sometimes especially once I hit the 13+ mile mark. While I was training I ended up coming up with some ways to help stop that boredom and had me back to enjoying my long runs in no time!

5 Tips for Killing Boredom On Long Runs

1. Music

Ok, this one is the most obvious but also my personal go to. I have pretty much always ran with music. The trick I’ve found is making a play list that not only has those staple “pump you up” songs but a mix of a lot of other random ones in there so it doesn’t get redundant.


My personal songs that I never ever make a running play list without are “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John, “Young Volcanoes” by Fall Out Boy, and “Shake That” by Eminem.

2. Podcasts/Audio Books

Another go to of mine is listening to pod casts on my long runs. I’ve always been a podcast junkie so my need to catch up on list is quite long typically. When I’m listening to them on a run I have two moods. I either want something that is relevant to running/health/fitness or I want something completely off topic to distract me.

One that I have listened to over and over is “Eric’s Guide To Ancient Egypt.” I’m a huge history buff and it keeps my mind off something other than putting one foot in front of the other.

As far as audio books go I know some people really love them to run to. I personally am much more pro having an actual book to read. I swear I could live at a library if they would just let me.

3. Movies

Did you know that you can now download movies onto your phone from Netflix and watch them without an internet connection now? It’s kind of awesome. Obviously you can’t watch what is going on but I’ll usually load a movie I know fairly well so I won’t feel like I’m really missing something. Also if you’re on a treadmill then you can always prop your phone up and watch while you go. I typically go for documentaries while I’m on the treadmill because for me personally they keep my attention just enough to distract me but not so distract that I’m going to end up falling off.

4. Running Apps

There are several fun running apps that you can download now. One of my favorite ones is “Zombies, RUN!”

In this app there is a story going on where you have to run away from “zombies” and collect certain supplies by running certain distances. It also encourages you to speed up or slow down depending on how much danger you are supposedly in. I personally liked this more when I was doing shorter 4-5 mile runs because I get a touch more obsessive about pace whenever I’m going for longer runs but it’s still a super fun resource!

5. Run with Friends

Running is seriously one of the most awesome ways to make friends. I live in a super small town and we even have an awesome running club. I highly suggest checking out one near you and finding some buddies to run with. Even if they only join you for part of your long run it’s still half of it where you can have some company. Bonus: Having a friend with you makes you focus on your pacing more.

If you’re more a stroller runner be sure to check out my tips to make those runs go a bit smoother too!

Tell me what you guys do to push through your long runs! (And if you’re a running blogger be sure to leave me a link below to your running recaps. I’m currently not allowed to run and I’m trying to live vicariously through your guys!)

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21 thoughts on “5 Tips For Killing Boredom On Long Runs

  1. I am not really a runner, but I do often get bored when I am going for long walks. Music certainly helps. I have never been a fan of podcasts while working out. It is too distracting for me!

  2. I really do not like running, I previously did a 5K run for charity and although the run on the day was ok, I really didn’t like the prep, maybe some tips on actually making me enjoy a run?

    1. I’ll see what I can do for ya! Honestly the more you run the easier it gets and the more enjoyable it becomes. Unfortunately, to get to that point sometimes it can take just powering through.

  3. This is a really helpful post! I usually get bored running around mile 5-8. I’ve only ever done half marathons before, but unless you’re in the actual race, training can get super boring. I also like to run outside versus the treadmill. That helps combat boredom… and chewing gum! lol Especially when you run in a fun little downtown area!

    1. I don’t get nearly as burnt out when I’m running outside as long as I’m changing up my route occasionally but the treadmill is a killer! I’m not sure if I’m talented enough to chew gum while I run, I think I would probably end up choking to death! lol

  4. I never feel like I have enough time for all of the podcasts I want to listen to. Running with them is a great idea. It’ll motivate me to go out running knowing I can catch up.

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