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36 Weeks Pregnant! LAST UPDATE!!

36 Weeks Pregnant! LAST UPDATE!!

Hey guys! I’m so so so excited for this post. This week marks 36 weeks pregnant! Last month! I am absolutely ecstatic. I’m finally almost done. This pregnancy has been an absolute roller coaster. From the very beginning when we were very worried about having another miscarriage plus a struggle with hyperemesis gravidarum to worrying about a way too early delivery. I honestly did not think I would still be pregnant at this point in the ball game.  While I am so very grateful to have made it to this point I am also beyond done!

36 Weeks Pregnant Update

Baby This Week:

Baby Olivia is the size of a cabbage patch doll this week (even though I insist she’s the size of a 12 lb bowling ball).

Sleep/Crazy Dreams This Week:

Sleep has been alright lately. The baby is so low down and putting so much pressure on my hips that most positions are fairly painful no matter what I do. Unfortunately, sleep is pretty hit or miss.

My dreams have actually calmed down a bit over the last week or so. For a while I was having consistently crazy dreams. The last few days I keep having dreams about going into labor. I’m honestly hoping that it’s a sign that it’s going to happen soon but I also think that may just be wishful thinking.


All the symptoms that I have lately are because of the baby being so low down. Walking for more that just a moderate distance (think about as long as a grocery store trip) is pretty not fun. Back and hip pain and in full swing but compared to the other issues I’ve had along the way I’ll take a bit of back pain.

Last week we did go ahead and make a trip to the hospital because I was having a ton of contractions. It ended up being a false alarm but they did tell us that she is so low that it should be any day. (I’m convinced that because we have spent so much time worrying about her being here too early that we will end up prying her out with a crow bar at the end of all of this though).


I’m missing working out like I want to. While I have the green light from the doctor to workout as I feel like it, it’s just too painful at this point. I still try to walk and play with my little boy as much as possible but it’s just a bit pathetic.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

I haven’t really had much in the way of cravings or aversions lately. I have been eating Tums like they are candy to help my heart burn so maybe that? Lately, I really haven’t had much of an appetite. I’m trying to make sure that what I am eating has some solid nutrients in it (lots of oatmeal etc.).

Last Update

I’ve decided that this is going to be the last “pregnancy update” until baby gets here. Hopefully that will be coming very soon! While I plan on getting a post up whenever the little one gets here I’ll most likely post something on my Instagram first so be sure to go follow me there so you can see when she makes her debut!

36 Weeks Pregnant




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