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33 Weeks Pregnant Update + Last Week’s Workouts/Adventures!

33 Weeks Pregnant Update + Last Week’s Workouts/Adventures!

Hey guys! It’s finally Week 33 of this pregnancy! We are getting closer and closer. We have had a super fun week. I’ve finally been cleared to work out a little bit so I’m going to include my weekly workout recap and a couple of our fun adventures in this post as well as my 32 weeks pregnant update.

For a rundown of what has been going on so far up until now catch up here:


33 Weeks Pregnant Update

Baby This Week:

Baby is the size of a pineapple! (And I swear she is poking me with a pineapple some days.)

Sleep/Crazy Dreams This Week:

Sleep has been a bit better this week. We have finally figured out why James was having so many issues and waking up about every hour. We think he has a milk allergy and now that we have cut out dairy he is a much happier toddler and sleeping much better. I’m still having issues rolling over but all things considered I’ll take what I can get.

The crazy dreams are still in full swing this week. The weirdest one that I can remember vividly is I had a dream that we bought a new house and it ended up being haunted. I then had to climb out of a window to escape the ghost and was met outside by Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural (no complaints there) who were there to take care of the ghost. Unfortunately, they were scared of the ghost as well so we all just drove away really fast.


The last few weeks I’ve had some pretty intense pain in my hips and pelvic region and it has actually been better this week. As I mentioned already I got cleared to workout a bit now and it seems to really be working out a lot of that pain. Other than that my symptoms are mostly just a lot of heart burn and a bit of my nausea has returned. But if you remember at the beginning of this pregnancy I had hyperemesis gravidarum so I can handle a little bit of nausea as long as it doesn’t get worse.


Now that I’m getting to work out again I’m a lot more content than I have been. I would still love to be able to run but getting to move is really helping.

Food cravings/aversions:

My cravings have been at a minimal lately. I honestly haven’t been as hungry as was for a while so I’m feeling a bit more normal. I still am not a huge fan of most meat especially when it’s cooking but all things considered I’m pretty ok with this week.

Workout Schedule This Week

Like I have mentioned about I’ve finally been cleared to workout now. Though I still have restrictions (no high impact and no lifting more than 25 lbs) I’m finally finding a bit of normalcy again. Last week I shared my workout schedule with you and I wanted to again this week in a little more detail. To see last week’s workout schedule check it out here! 


Last Monday was Labor day so we ended up spending a bunch of time at a cookout with family. Because of this I kind of treated it like a rest day. My son and I did take about a mile long walk but that was the extent. I’m pretty sure James ran about 15 miles playing outside with all of our family. We have a bean bag toss game and he had to chase the bean bags every time they were thrown.



Tuesday I went on a long walk with James (about 2 miles in 25 mins). My average pace was around 4.5 miles per hour which would make runner me cringe but I was happy considering I’m still getting back into the swing of things. After we got home I did a 45 minute yoga routine that focused on opening up my hips (which have been incredibly tight) as well as stretching out my back.

Later that evening we ended up taking another walk to go to the Fair Parade in our town. Every year when the county fair comes to town we have a huge parade to celebrate it’s opening day. James absolutely loved it. He was dancing to all of the music and flirting with all the girls on the floats!


One of his favorite floats was one for McClure Fitness. This is a workout studio in my city that offers a ton of super fun classes. A few months ago I went to a hot yoga class there and you can read more about that here.

McClure Fitness


Wednesday after another walk (2.5 miles, 25 mins) I decided to do some strength training. Using 10 lb weights I did three rounds of bicep curls, walking lunges, tricep kickbacks, and sumo squats (20 reps each). It felt so so so good to be lifting again. Though it was a fairly subdued workout compared to my nonpregnant ones I still felt incredibly energized afterwards!


Thursday was another rest day. We did go on a short walk that morning (1 mile) but nothing too crazy.

That evening we decided to take James to the fair. He was crazy about the petting zoo and loved barking at the goats. We did let him get on the carousel but that was about the only ride he was going to be big enough for. Either way it was super fun for him and he ended up sleeping amazingly well that night! (yay mom win!!)

County Fair


Friday I made into a long yoga day. I did an hour long routine that got my heart rate up a lot more that my first round of yoga earlier in the week. This routine had a lot more holding in squat positions that had my legs absolutely burning by the time it was over!


Saturday was another strength training day. I did 4 rounds of sumo squats, 60 second wall sit, modified pushups, and walking lunges (20 of each exercise). Afterwards I went on another longer walk around 2 miles in about 20 minutes.

James is so excited that I’m getting to get out and move around with him more. He was been bringing me his shoes and saying outside about 15 times a day so I’ve defiantly been getting a run for my money keeping up with him as well!

Tell me in a comment how you are getting active this week!

33 weeks pregnant

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  1. Thanks for sharing your daily routine during your pregnancy. It’s so interesting to read about the challenges that come with carrying a baby

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